Battling with change resistance

Battling with change resistance

Battling with change resistance

– Anyone attempting to lead change in an organization knows to expect some resistance

One of the most baffling and recalcitrant of the problems which business executives face is employee resistance to change.

Resistance to change is inevitable, and management must be prepared to respond to it

Change is not a rational process, no matter how positive the future leaders are creating, it’s natural for humans to struggle with it.

Even if these resisters are few and far between, they can quickly erode momentum and stop change in its tracks. Don’t fight resistance embrace it, understand its root causes and develop solutions. Don’t sweep it under the rug or mount a campaign …….. understand it!

How to get people on board:

  • Hard facts – Use evidence to show that change is necessary and possible. Get the facts from multiple sources and be diligent about details.
  • Counter-arguments – Know what the opponents are saying and be prepared to acknowledge their concerns and offer a compelling argument for the case.
  • Big picture – In the short term, change is uncomfortable. Look at the big picture and explain why the change is the right move for the long term.
  • Repetition and pressure – Stay on message, repeat it over and over again, and apply the necessary pressure to turn the change-averse around. Communication is paramount when it comes to change management.
  • Participation and involvement – When employees are involved in the change effort they are more likely to buy into change rather than resist it.
Battling with change resistance - Understanding and managing resistance to change

Battling with change resistance – Understanding and managing resistance to change

Each change programme will have to be implemented on its own merits. But there are things we can do to reduce the level of resistance.

Managing change in today’s organizations is not getting any easier. However, doing it well is the new imperative.

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