Top 30+ reasons why organizations cannot change

Top 30+ reasons why organizations cannot change

Reasons why organizations cannot change

Identifying and overcoming roadblocks to organizational change

Change doesn’t come easy! There are no shortcuts

Organizations must change or else they’ll perish. And that change involves the entire organization. Yet, the biggest stumbling block is implementing it. This is where the change issue gets sticky, because there is no template-type solutions for making it happen.

Some organizations resist change so successfully, that by the time they act, the ship has left the harbor. More often than not, they fail to catch up.

Organizational roadblocks are biggest challenges that one needs to face when it comes to organizational change.

Overcoming roadblocks to organizational change - Top 30+ reasons why organizations cannot changeJust a few objections to watch out for:

  1. We’ve never done it before
  2. Nobody else has ever done it
  3. It has never been tried before
  4. We tried it before
  5. It won’t work in our organization
  6. It’s too much trouble to change
  7. Our company is different
  8. It can’t be done
  9. We don’t have the money
  10. We don’t have the personnel
  11. We don’t have the equipment
  12. It’s too visionary
  13. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks
  14. It’s too radical a change
  15. It’s going to negatively affect people
  16. It’s beyond my responsibility
  17. It’s not our job
  18. We don’t have the time
  19. It will obsolete other procedures
  20. Customers won’t buy it
  21. It’s contrary to policy
  22. It will increase overhead
  23. The employees will never buy it
  24. I don’t fully trust my colleagues’ as a prerequisite for change
  25. It’s not our problem
  26. I don’t like it
  27. I don’t understand it
  28. You’re right, but ……
  29. We’re not ready for it
  30. It needs more thought
  31. We can’t take the chance
  32. We’d lose money on it
  33. It takes too long to pay out
  34. We’re doing all right as it is
  35. It needs committee study
  36. It needs sleeping on
  37. It won’t work in this department
  38. It’s impossible
  39. Leaders don’t want to change themselves

Are there any objections that is missing?

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Experienced senior executive, both at a strategic and operational level, with strong track record in developing, driving and managing business improvement, development and change management. International experience from management positions in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom

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I think you are still missing: “We have tried that before…” and “That will not work any way”. What do you think?

It was not invented here is one i think you may have missed. and why do we need to do this?is another. it’s a great list !

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