Why is organizational change scary

Why is organizational change scary

Why is organizational change scary

Why is organizational change scary? People have emotions

If an organization fails to adapt to continuous changes in the market, they run the risk of becoming obsolete and irrelevant. Organizations and society are transforming at radical speed. How can leaders keep up?

Transformation is hard and can be traumatic. Emotional aware change management can ease the difficulties. In this TED video Mark Mueller-Eberstein talks about how to lead individuals and organizations through changing environment.

Embracing insights from psychological and motivational research during times of change and transformation can mean greater success.  It is all about considering leveraging emotions to reduce friction.

The five steps that help lead any transformation to success are:

  1. Identify a clear and compelling vision
  2. Clarify the impact of both changing and not changing
  3. Communicate, communicate, communicate
  4. Team up across functions to multiply your impact
  5. Lead the process, celebrate the successes and be the change you want to see


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