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How to avoid social media disasters

Social media has become a mainstream communications channel

Like it or not, social media has become a mainstream communications channel. What makes it so appealing for consumers is that it’s usually the shortest distance between them and a brand.

We are all aware of the impact that social media has had on PR and Marketing, but is it always good to be so social? It is obviously true that a great social media campaign can go a long way to putting your business on the map and increasing its online presence, but it can also be very damaging to a company’s image if used in the wrong way.


British Gas AskBG Twitter AttackBritish Gas AskBG Twitter Attack – Backlash on Twitter – Then let’s try Facebook


It is more important than ever for managers to not only run a successful social media campaign for their company but to also keep tabs on what their employees and customers get up to on the sites too.

What can we learn from other companies social media disasters?

Develop a comprehensive social media policy and community management plan

Social media is a great tool for brands to connect on a personal level with their customers. Unfortunately, it’s also a great tool for malcontents to rally negative sentiment about your company. The line of defense in today’s customer-driven world is to develop a comprehensive social media policy and community management plan within your company before any potential PR disasters strike – and quickly respond to any flare-ups.

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