Top 200+ management resources you need to know

Fast-moving technologies, rapid global expansion, shifting business models, mergers and acquisitions all hold out dazzling possibilities.

But leadership remains a huge challenge, even for companies relatively unscathed by the economic by economic turmoil. Today, employees continue to seek guidance from their leaders, who must find time to reassure their people while trying to establish a pole position for the future.

Top 200+ management resources you may have missed:

Business Improvement

Business disruption

Business disruption - Bricks and mortar

Business disruption - PC

Business disruption - Publishing

Business disruption - Restaurant

Business disruption - Technology

Business disruption - Television

Change management

Change management – celebrate

Change management – change readiness

Change management – communication

Change management – culture

Change management – employee buy-in

Change management – mistakes

Change management – quotes

Change management – resistance to change

Change management – storytelling

Collaborative consumption – sharing economy

Collaborative consumption – Peer-to-peer bathroom

Collaborative consumption – Peer-to-peer boat

Collaborative consumption – Peer-to-peer hotels

Collaborative consumption – Peer-to-peer lending

Collaborative consumption – Peer-to-peer stuff

Collaborative consumption – Peer-to-peer task


Consumer behavior

Corporate culture

Corporate values

Crisis management

Customer loyalty

Customer relationship

Employee engagement




Organisational alignment

Organisational development

Performance management

Social media’s impact on business


Value creation

  • Value creation in the future – Value creation in the future will be based on economies of creativity
  • No value creation without culture – Organizations that emphasize clearly defined cultures that are aligned with company value creation enjoy better performance, greater financial gain and long-term employee commitment.

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